Absolutely Absolved

slob, humor, kitchen

Well, almost 3/4 moved into our new apt.    (From the 8 house.)

slob, humor, kitchen
          Absolutely’s Kitchen

PP and I were talking about naming it, and she said, “I know a name!”    I asked “What?”     And she answered, “Absolutely!”      I said ” You absolutely know a name?”     I was a tad confused, cuz I didn’t know she knew such a big word!!

“No, that’s the name!  Absolutely!”     (Except she calls it “Absoyuteyee”.      So adorable when they still can’t pronounce all their sounds!!)

slob, humor, Absolutely
                   Final answer!
slob, humor, Absolutely
                  Final answer!

                                 She is so proud of naming it all by herself!

And everyone MUST refer to it by it’s proper name!!      Or they will absolutely be reminded!!

Absolutely no one is absolved from this responsibility!      After all, apartments must have feelings too!!

An Absolutely post:   #1!!     Brought to you by the letter “A”, and the word “name”.


    1. Thanks, Robin!! What do you mean only WP, and none other??
      Toddler talk is so precious!! I will miss it when she outgrows it! But I have ChunkChunk starting to talk, so no withdrawls for several years!! lol

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