Welcome to my new home!!

Hey purple peeps!!     C’mon in!!    Pull up a chair, and stay awhile!

Hang in there with me, while I learn my way around here in this new site, k?       Thanks!!

Make yorself ta home!!

So glad ya found me!!


  1. Hi BBFF Al,
    Sorry I was a couple of days late to your housewarming. By the way my middle daughter died her hair purple also. Your new home looks great. Are you happy so far?
    I thought the T-shirt and the towels line was funny.

    1. Hi BBFFJ, no problem! It was only the “soft” opening, not the GRAND opening! lol
      Way cool!! Please fb me her pic!
      Thanks for the compliment. I love it so much!!
      If you notice anything I need to fix, please tell me!! Thanks!!

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