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slob, humor, table turned legs

Just when you thought you’d never have to hear about the 8 house again, it’s baaaa -ack!

I never showed you all the furniture and things that we left there, did I??

I don’t think I did.     If I did, well skip this post, and go take a coffee break- catch ya tomorrow!

First, we had to leave the couch.       Waaaay too big for Absolutely!!

slob, humor, couch
Yeah, I know, full of junk. Cuz: moving.

Funny thing:  Pop and PopPop moved it outside, to put by the road, and the people who were going to be moving in saw it, and said, “Can we have that??”      Uh, sure!!        The guys should have taken a clue, and let them come in and look at the rest of the remains….

Second: my recliner.     I wanted to cry!      Again, no room in the inn.        I considered leaving the dining room table, instead….

slob, humor, recliner
Remember when it broke its back??     (Hint: #9, below)

Yep, you guessed it.       The guys hauled it out, and the man wanted it back inside!             LOL     I wish I’d been there to see their faces!!       But did they learn their lesson??       Nooooooo.

Third: pretty brown table.

slob, humor, table turned legs
Get a gander at those gams!!



(Somehow, the pic of the actual table didn’t make it thru the wormhole.)




I think that was it.

Nope, a pink toddler bed!     I think they accidentally, (on purpose) “forgot” it!        Whatever, the 2nd one didn’t make it to Absolutely!!

Oh yeah, I managed to sell the dresser!!       The only thing  that did sell.

slob, humor, dresser
And yes, I did clean it off. No, I didn’t force the people to take all that clutter too! But I did consider making it a package deal….

So, now, I think I’m finally done with the 8 house.      Really.      Probably…….

An 8 house post.   Brought to you by the number “8”  and furniture.

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  1. Hi Melinda – I’m here for a rare visit to blogland – did you move again? Please forgive me – I can’t keep up with MY life, never mind anyone else’s! I will have to catch up on your posts! Hope all is very well.

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