Ah, Ah, Aulani

slob, humor, quilt label

Aulani is hard to alliterate!!        (Ah–the sound you make for the Dr, when you stick your tongue out; and lani– Loni Anderson.)

So, Aulani’s quilt was in my queue, # 8 to be exact.

What’s that?      You caught the past tense??         Yep!!        I did it!!!       Knocked another one off the list!         Woop woop!!

I wanted to do some Thanksgiving projects, but I got all hard core disciplined with myself.        Melinda, you absolutely CAN NOT start any other projects UNTIL you finish those quilts for those poor cold, shivering babies!!       Not buckle down, and do them!

Remember this??? 


(Psst!    It’s a link.)

It’s still in effect, until I see 3 baby quilts, done and ready to deliver.

So, I got all revved up, and in 7 days I finished Aulani’s, and 1 more!!         ( Look for another post to come soon on that!!)

So, here’s some pix.

slob, humor, Aulani's quilt back
The back.
slob, humor, Aulani's quilt
Aulani’s quilt front.

The back is a “Holly Hobby” print.      I love the vintage look of it!

Of course, I had a challenge.      slob, humor, gap in fabric

Why?????                Something happens. Every. Single. Time.


Sigh.         Whatever.           Hopefully her mommy won’t examine it closely for mistakes, and I know Aulani won’t!!

But of course, I eventually fixed it.        Thru sheer grit, and gritted teeth!!

slob, humor, quilt label

Here it is all bound, and ready to go!slob, humor, all quilted

And the little doll quilt, for her big sister.       (I didn’t meet her till later.)

You may recognize this material from my great nephew’s quilt.



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