Crafting Creativities

slob, humor, construction paper

Well, here we go.   

I’m making more progress, emptying out another Tub !

And ya know exactly where the muffins went!       In my belly!!       And the girls’, I did share!!

But still, stuff covers my bed……

I need to purge more, but I didn’t want to let go!

Aha!!     I found a place to stash it all!        (Except for the pitiful small amount I gave away.)

In the Cabinets from the laundry room, in #8 house, that we put in the living room.

slob, humor, construction paper

Yay!!       Storage space solved!       Crafting stuff stored.       Creativities to commence soon!

An Absolutely post.       Brought to you by the letter “C” and muffins.

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    1. Kristy, are you joking? Carrot is a veg!! lol They were either blueberry, or brownies in disguise!! That’s true! Where was my alliteration??
      I seem to have been collecting, without even meaning to!!

  1. First I love you new look website! And second – I feel your pain! We converted our garage and knocked through from the house so I could work in there when I became self-employed and it’s not enough. I have two massive storage units with 16 cubby holes in each plus another 8 hole one and the boxes are crammed with all my work stuff. It’s crazy and I spend half my life looking for stuff I need! I still didn’t look at the solution link on this yet but I am off there now to see what you did!

    1. Most of it. No link?? I’ll go back and check that. Thanks for telling me.
      Okay, Gilly, I figured it out. There’s no link because I haven’t written that post yet!
      Sorry!! I will let you know when I do!

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