December Decisions

slob, humor, dirty things meme

I know, December decisions did not give you a heads up that this is meme Monday.

Well, it is!

Hope you make the decisions to laugh every chance you get, this December!!

slob, humor, simplify memeslob, humor, dusting meme

slob, humor, gear head memeslob, humor, pizza meme

slob, humor, organized memeslob,humor, stressed meme

slob, humor, psycho meme
Where is this???? I might need to go visit!
slob, humor, spark joy meme
slob, humor, nap meme
What a great idea!!
I need to remember this!
slob, humor, shopping meme
Me too, lambkin!      Me too.









I started out thinking I would do organizing, simplifying, minimalism memes.         But I kinda wondered around, and got lost on the psycho path.

Decisions, decisions…..

Laugh already!!


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