Guilt Gone

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Written Sat 10/2/17

Oooooo!     Major clutter guilt tried to jump on me today!

Went to #8 house- {still stuff to do!        Only 8 more days to do it!          Only 1 more Sat!}      (Yes, as you know, we totally moved all our cra..  stuff outta there on Sat. Oct. 28.         Finally!!     Took us long enough!)

I had just thrown stuff in bags, last time I was there working.       But I knew it would be much smarter to go thru it first, before it even got in the door of Absolutely!

So, this time I was quickly sorting, and started a donation pile.       Then I stopped, and thought,   “Really?    Do I even have time to do donations?       I just gotta get this stuff gone!”

So, a perfectly good teddy bear, and a pair of pants that were too tight in the calves, and a strawberry napkin holder, (Shhhh!!   Please don’t tell Mama!!     She gave it to me!) went straight into the trash.        

That’s when it happened!     Clutter guilt tried to jump on my back, like a monkey!   

slog, humor, monkey on back







And demanded I take that stuff outta the trash now!!     

slob, humor, grinning monkey

I hesitated for a second….

Then said, “Not today, Satan!”     (I once saw Candace Cameron Bure wearing a shirt with that on it, and I thought it was funny!)

So, I karate chopped the clutter guilt monkey in the neck, and threw him in the trash too!

When the bag was full, I asked XH to take it out to the bin, just to make sure that if the clutter guilt monkey revived, he couldn’t attack me again!

Sayanara, clutter guilt!!       Be gone!



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