Lovely Living

slob, humor, clean floor

This is the end result of one of my cleaning/purging efforts, in Absolutely.      Who knows where the before pix are.       I don’t even ask questions anymore, I just write.

The lovely living room, east end.

slob, humor, clear floor
Right side. I know, blankets. But focus on the big empty space in front of them, people. Focus!
slob, humor, clean floor
Left side.


Of course, this was 2 weeks ago now.       And it no longer resembles those lovely living spaces.     Ya know how nature abhors a vacuum…..

But, by George, I WILL get this apartment under control, or die trying!!


An Absolutely post.      Brought to you by an exhausted Omie, who is feeling hopeless about the whole “minimalism means less time cleaning” thing right about now….

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slob, humor, kitchen
Absolutely’s Kitchen


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