Piles o’ Pencils

slob, humor, Christmas

When I was going thru my Christmas tub….

slob, humor, Christmas

(This should have been posted before towels a & T-shirts.       Sorry!)

part of the treasure trove I found was…

 piles o’ pencils.

And yeah, after that, I found 72 more!!     That’s a gross of pencils, y’all!!     Yes really!!  A gross!!    I counted them!     I’m so proud of you for actually using a math term!!     Good job!!     Thanks!   

(That I paid 10 cents for each 8 pack.       $1.80 total.        Cheaper than Oriental Trading, that’s fer sure!!)

So, since I really have no need of a gross of pencils,     I decided to donate to the girls’ preschool.        They were thrilled to have them!      And I don’t have to worry about going out and buying an industrial sized pencil sharpener!!       Win-win!



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