Pudding Pop’s Pix

PP loves to take my phone, and do “letters”.     She “writes” texts to Pop, PopPop, Aunt Kim, and whoever else will humor her.

BUT now!!      She grabbed my phone while I was in the potty, and was playing with it.    When I came back in the room, she put it down, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Till the next day, when I was taking blog pix, and found these:

slob, humor, PP's pix
Nice wall shot!
slob, humor, pic of towel, chair, crayon
Purple, purple!!

slob, humor, PP's legs








PP’s Purble Place game.

She really did a great job!!         For your viewing pleasure, I deleted the 20 blurry shots, the 20 of her legs, and the one of the unmade bed!           You’re welcome!!

Then a few days later, in Vanronica, she asked to talk to PopPop, then wouldn’t give it back to me.      Little did I know that she had now learned how to take videos! 

So, of course I had to share with y’all!!

More stills:

slob, humor, PP's pix
PP’s knee, & Omie’s knees!

Cheeky little girl!      Though,  I must say, she has a steady hand!!

Now that she has taught herself how to be a photographer, we can start sending her out on jobs, and she can earn her keep!

And maybe she teach Omie a few new tricks!!

Pudding Pop’s Pix- whatdaya think??      Yay or nay?



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