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It’s that time of year again.       Time for the annual changing of the guard shoes.

My beloved Crocs were slap wore out.         The sole was as slick as a baby’s butt.        In the rain, I was slipping, and sliding around, like I was playing on a slip-n-slide!         Not good for my back, and neck!

What’s that?        Why were they so worn out, when they were only a year old??            Because I wore them every day for a whole year!        That’s 24/7/365.      ( Well, actually you know I wasn’t on my feet 24 hours a day!!)    😉

Okay, so I knew I needed some new shoes.        No doubts about it.        The problem: size.         My feet are ski boat size, and fat to boot!            So, finding shoes to fit me, is a little bit of a daunting undertaking!

Armed with the knowledge that I had found the Crocs at Bealls, I made my 40th foray.         (Give or take 20 forays.)

Yay!!          Success!!            Found a pair of white sandals.

slob, humor, sandals
They fit! They really fit!







But wait!!      It’s after Labor Day!!         Ya can’t wear white!!!!   

Oh, fer Pete’s sake!        This is Florida!!            We wear white 24/7/365!           Alrightey then, I’m not to be held responsible when Mama reprimands you!! 

Whatev.            Okay, now.

Found a pair that fit.          Next problem: price.

slob, humor, price tag

Only $20?! I can afford that!            But wait!!          They are on sale!!           60% off!!!              So that’s only…..    (Counting on fingers…)  $8!!       I can afford that even better!!       But wait!!    Today is Senior Day, so that’s 15% off automatically!           Woo hoo!!        That’s only…… $6.80!!        Better and better!!           

But wait!!            I have a 20% off coupon!!        WOW!!         So I only ended up paying ………………………………….. $5.44!!!!!

They are practically paying me to take them home!!           Trust me: if they had had any more size 11s, I would have taken all they had!             But at least I got 1 pair!!

I’ll be back next year!

And the proper burial at can for the Crocs.

slob, humor, Crocs
Goodbye dear friend.
“Deer”??    No, “dear”!!      Oh good, cuz it’s a gator, not a deer!

No, I don’t know where the other one is, but trust me, I won’t be wearing just the one! 

I’ve already been wearing the sandals about a week, and they rub my left big toe, right under my toenail.      🙁

slob, humor, sandal






NOW I remember why I gave away the pair I bought last year before the Crocs!!       

Still on the look out for more gator shoes.        Send any hints ya got!!


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