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I thought I had put everything away the other day, after purging.     Until, I tried to get to the sewing machine, and another bag came to light toe.     Ouch!

I hate stubbing my toe!      Thankfully, this time I had on my shoes!

But now, even more decisions of what to purge!   🙁

In that moment, however, I decided to just ignore it, and get some sewing done.

I have such a long quilting queue, minus Shirley’s!!  {woo hoo!!} that I can’t afford to miss any sewing opportunities that I have!     Stubbed toe or not!      Bag o’ junk or not!

So, I sucked it up, and sewed.     Made some good progress on one of the Campbell twins’ quilt.      I’m planning to make them both of the same materials, but slightly different patterns.   

slob, humor, quilt
              A Campbell twin quilt

Then, the girls can decide for themselves, which one is whose!        1 less decision for me to have to make!    Decision fatigue is a real thing!

As I sew, I quote Scriptures, and pray for the twins.      Truly made with love!

After 45 minutes, or “sew”, I had to take a break, (and not my toe this time!)      Ya know what that means!        Peach Fanta, and brownies, baby!!       And potty time too, of course.

Back to the salt sew mines.

slob, humor, quilting

Why do I always end up with mismatched ends???       Even when I use a ruler to cut the squares??         And I am trying so hard to follow the seam guide??         WHY??????

Another 45 minutes, and I was done for the day.         Sewing that is!

Lots more to do: phone calls, sweeping, errands, grocery shopping, and last but never least- the long awaited, well deserved Nap!!

Got some sewing done, g’night all!

A quilt queue post.

#1      #2      #3       #4       #5       #6

The actual sewing queue, in order of promise:

(It won’t let me import this!   Waaaah!  After all the time I spent creating it!                                    Anyway, please go see it!   It’s pretty!)

#1-Kim- 2007- 2016- done!   (only 9 years, but who’s counting??   She was!!)

#2- PP- 2014——–  3 years, and counting…..  (Her first one was done in about 5 months. From the time I learned she was a girl, until her shower in May.)

 #3-Shirley- 2015- 2017-done!   Only 2 years!   

 #4- Noah -2015- 2015-done!    (Wow!!     His was ordered, and delivered the same year!!     How did he rate??)   Less than 9 months!   My 1st success story!  

#5- PPJr – 2015-(now ChunkChunk)-2016- done!     (First one anyway.   She needs a bigger one already!!)     Only 9 months for the first one!!     My 2nd success story!

#6& 7- Campbell twins- 2016- 2017- done!     Only 19 months!

#8- Aulani- 2016- 2017 – done!     Only 13 months!

Added #9- Jasmine – XH’s oldest granddaughter      I am the only grandmaw she has ever known, because we were married when she was born.     Her mom found us on FB last year, so we have become re-acquainted.        She asked for a horse quilt, when she found out I quilt.         So, of course, I told her I’d make her one for Christmas.       So, not due for 9 days, (Wrote this on the 16th.)        Not that she’s gonna get it before Christmas, even if I finish it on time.      But she WILL get it in time for her birthday, in January!!        I promise!!)

Doing better!       Now just gotta get on the ball with PP & CC’s seconds!


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