Something Smells- Skillet

slob, humor, rag faced

This is a follow up to the post “Something Smells.”        And boy, does it ever!!       Be glad, oh so glad we don’t have smell-o-vision today!!

Okay, so today was the fateful day.      I had to go retrieve that Skillet (affiliate link) that smells.      I’m already retching in my head.       Seriously!!        The reek has had a few more days to foment!

My first line of defense:           slob, humor, rag faced

                                                           Smell Warrior prepared!

When I had to actually touch the skillet, I was retching for real!      Not just in my head anymore!

slob, humor, stinky pan!

Oh yeah, I hadn’t even told you the worst part yet!!      It had maggots all over it!!      And they had wiggled their little wormy selves all over the inside of the fridge.

slob, humor, maggots
   Did ya see the maggots in the other pic??

I was gagging, and retching, and about to lose my lunch for real!!        But, I held my breath, and dealt with it.       After I sprayed the pan thoroughly, with the sprayer!   to get off the live ones!!         Don’t worry- I totally used a plastic baggy to scoop the yuck outta there!!  

slob, humor, cleaner pan
Smells halfway banished!






After another complete rinse, with the water sprayer, then, and only then, was I ready to wash it!!        Norwex to the rescue!         Once I Enviro’d it, it was completely clean, and no stink!!      You know what that means- no more germs or evilness either!

Hurray!!       And I didn’t even die!!

No pic of the clean pan, of course.          (Eye roll).           Sorry!

But I will tell you, DD1 used it as soon as it was brought to our new apt.       No problem!


An 8 house post.    Brought to you by the letter “M” and fly larvae.

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  1. You’re braver than I am, I would have thrown the whole thing away.

    PS, I still can’t follow this site, and it won’t let me log in. I dunno what’s up with that.

    1. Haha, I was just afraid to face the wrath of DD1, if I threw her skillet away! I’m so sorry, Willow.
      Huh, I wonder why?? I just installed Sumo. When I pull up the page on a different computer, it has the sign up pop up.

  2. Um, throw that thing OUT. Maggots??! It’s untouchable now. Totally contaminated and tell me honestly that you could ever look at it or use it again and not think “this had maggots in it”….if you CAN, you’ve got a stronger stomach than me… and I forgot. You had your Norwex. Even so…. gah!!! What happened to it that it got to that state? And now I have to go find what that odd smell in MY kitchen is. It’s not my frying pan…so something else must have fermented a bit… *gulp*

    1. Oh yes, we HAVE used it since!! Yep, the Norwex did a fabulous job!! XH told me he had cleaned out the fridge. And the electric was turned off…. And he had forgotten that skillet….
      Oops!! So what was the smell in your kitchen?? lol

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