Stunning Storage

slob, humor, clean floor

This is the storage solution to crafting creativities.

And the storage is really much less than stunning, but: alliteration!

Maybe you should have called this “Stable Storage”, or “Storage Station”.        Thanks soooo much for your tardy help!

Gilly thought I had a link to the solution, but I hadn’t written this post yet!

First I love your new look website! And second – I feel your pain! We converted our garage and knocked through from the house so I could work in there when I became self-employed and it’s not enough. I have two massive storage units with 16 cubby holes in each plus another 8 hole one and the boxes are crammed with all my work stuff. It’s crazy and I spend half my life looking for stuff I need! I still didn’t look at the solution link on this yet but I am off there now to see what you did!

So, here it is Gilly, just for you!!

slob, humor, clean floor

This is where I decided to stash , ooo!    Another great name for this would have been “Storage Stash”!         You were saying????          Oh yeah, this is where I decided to stash the stuff, oooh!!  “Stuff Storage!”        Enough of the coulda, woulda, shoulda titles!!  Get on with the solution, please!!      Ok, okay!!       Don’t gotta be grumpy!      This cabinet was in the laundry room, of the #8 house.       But no room to have it there, in Absolutely.       So, being bereft of a couch, we placed cabinets in the living room, instead!

slob, humor, storage

                                                             Yeah,    it’s a mess.    Again.    Sigh.   Also where I stashed the books.

slob, humor, storage
Books and whatever else!

Alternately, it’s a tiny house for ChunkChunk (CC)!        

Then PP (Pudding Pop), gets into the act, and goes up to the penthouse!

But Mommy nixes that, cuz this cabinet is NOT structurally sound!          Sorry girls, no moving on up in there!


An Absolutely post.   Brought to you by the letter “S” and cabinets.

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