Turkey T-shirts

slob, humor, CC's footprint turkey

Since I had been so good, and finished 2 quilts before Thanksgiving, I had permission to do some Thanksgiving projects.      Yay!!             Thanks, me!!             No problem.

So, I decided to do turkey t-shirts!

Of course, I made up my own pattern, based on an idea I saw on Pinterest.         (Is there any other site we use for ideas????)


slob, humor, footprint turkey
Sorta like the one that inspired me.

I was NOT about to applique all those feathers individually, tho!!

Since I didn’t finish the 2nd quilt until Monday evening, I only had Tuesday to do the T-shirts.  Nothing I enjoy more than a time crunch deadline!

I had in mind to make 7, in less than 24 hours.        Noooo, not unrealistic at all!

slob, humor, eye roll

Not at all!

I ended up completing 4 shirts, in 7 hours.       (I had to nap!!)        Eh, Mommy, and Pop didn’t really need one, right??       (And PopPop said a definitive NO! when I asked if he wanted one!!)       Also, I hadn’t gotten a shirt for PP’s teacher, but I made the turkey anyway, and thought I’d just pin it to her shirt??         But she got hurt Tues, and was out on sick leave, Wednesday.       So, it worked out for me……..     She’ll be fine by next week!    If the shiners gone!          She got hit in the eye with the metal part of a swing seat.        OW!!

Mommy complained about being left out.        So I promised hers would be ready by Saturday, when we have our family Thanksgiving.

Then, as I was making CC’s teacher’s shirt, this happened:

slob, humor, sewing mistake
Hoo boy. Again??

I sewed the shirt to itself.             2x!!         Why??      Always something!       Every.single.time.    If it wasn’t always something different, I’d just give up sewing altogether!!

Enough wallowing in self pity!!              So, onto the good stuff!!

slob, humor, my turkey shirt

slob, humor, CC's footprint turkey
Yes, that’s CC’s little foot!!

 One giant “Look at me!!” shirt! 

Well, of course I had to have both girls’ turkeys!!

The colors were each teacher’s favorite colors.           I got a pic of CC with her teacher.              I just wish I could show ya!!

(I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of PP’s shirt, just cuz her teacher wasn’t there!!      Bad Omie!)

Now, onto Christmas!!       

I already have a lot of green for trees…….


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