Yearbooks?? Yes!

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     I read in one of my minimalism groups, on FB , that several people had gotten rid of their yearbooks. I was aghast!! I mean, extra spatulas are one thing, but yearbooks??     NO!     They are important repositories of all my precious memories!     How would I ever remember my HS or college years, without those tomes??   (And no, I wasn’t drinking then!)
      But hey, I figured, why not just get ’em out, and take a look!!      Stroll down memory lane, reminiscing.     Couldn’t hurt.
      So, I started with my sophmore year of college, ’81.     slob, humor, yearbook

(SEU’s new sports team name.)

      Why that particular year?     No rhyme or reason really, it just happened to be on the top of the stack, is all.    I found a few wonderful memories.      1 very unexpected find, was a napkin from Aunt Cindy, and Uncle Mo’s wedding! March 20, 1981.  

slob, humor, wedding napkin
Blast from the past!

And a tiny square of toilet paper.     Whaaaaa??     (TP has ALWAYS been extremely important!!)    Obviously I hadn’t even opened this volume in the last 36 years!!      So exactly what was so precious then??      Hmmmmm 36 years is a long time to haul around a heavy book like that, and not even crack it open!

      To my surprise, I couldn’t even remember 90% of the people who signed it!       Tom? Tom who??      There were 4 Tom’s that year!

     So, I ripped out the few pages that held meaning for me, people who I could remember!

Annnnnd trashed the yearbook, with tears in my eyes.    I.Could.Not.Even.Believe.Myself!!

     After the first one, #2 & 3 were easy to go thru, and let go, after ripping out a few pgs.

slob, humor, yearbook
This cover was burlap. Mildewed burlap. Ewww!
slob, humor, yearbook
Bye, bye, college Junior year!

Back in time to senior year of HS.      Surely this one is jammed packed with my glorious exploits, and my dearest friends forever!

     Nope.     Only about 6 pgs even appealed to me to keep.      I thumbed thru the student photos, briefly recalling some of the names, and faces, with a smile.      But quickly came to the realization that, contrary to my expectations, I only really felt still connected with a few.

slob, humor, yearbook
Senior year of HS. All fancy, engraved with my name and everything!

Major Shock!

    That one was filed in #13 as well, with no qualms whatsoever.

slob, humor, yearbook
File 13

    This kind of heavy sentimental de-cluttering would have been completely unthinkable 3 years ago, when I started.

    But now I’ve gone and done it.       And I don’t regret it, even a week later.         4 less heavy books weighing me down.

Yearbooks??      YES!!



  1. I have exactly two yearbooks one from the last year of Junior high and one from my last year of high school, because we couldn’t afford them. And I look at them whenever I stumble across them — like whenever I’m cleaning the room they fall into — so every five or six years (or so). I still remember just about everyone who signed them and the few friends I had, so I still schlep ’em around. They also remind me of the few times I worked and slaved to buy something because my mom wouldn’t shell out the money for something so “worthless.” So there’s that. ^_^

    I guess what I’m saying is, I know how hard that must have been for ya.

  2. Hi Bbffm,
    Look! I received a notification that you published! Did you know that I am my school’s yearbook teacher? I am also aghast that people might want to discard them. I thought your comment about the spatulas was funny :-).
    I hope your holidays are happy so far.

    1. Hi BBFFJ!
      Yay!! I’m so happy you got the notification!!
      No, I didn’t know that. Sorry! lol I hadn’t looked at them in over 20 years. They weren’t being of any use, so….
      Thanks! I love it when people think I’m funny! <3
      Thanksgiving, and Christmas have been wonderful!! how's yours??

  3. So now my wife and I need to get out our yearbooks….what a trip down memory lane that will be….great idea!! Thanks for sharing! have a very Happy New Year and may 2018 bring you Joy & Peace!!

  4. Good for you Melinda, if it weighs you down, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Sadly, I don’t have any year books, but I wish I did (long story). I was at my middle school reunion a few years ago and had a chance to snap a couple of shots of my class and my brother’s class of 1966 which one of the “students” had brought. I’m hopelessly sentimental and I hang onto everything. I even have a napkin collection of places I’ve been for dinner. I plan to keep things and let my children deal with it when I’m gone. They can keep what they like, sell what’s worth selling, donate to Goodwill and rent a dumpster for the rest. 🙂


    1. Haha, Carmen! Letting your kids deal with it! I don’t have the luxury of keeping much stuff. Especially now since we live in such a tiny, for us, apartment.
      I’m tired of stumbling over stuff!!

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