Belly Bwahahahas

slob, humor, BL Brian meme

Here’s some belly laugh bwahahahas to start your week off with a smile!     Perhaps a chuckle.    Nay, even I dare to hope for a chortle, or a snort??!!       😀

slob, humor, Bad Luck Brian meme
Speaking of Bad Luck Brian…     Oh, we weren’t???      Well, just follow the link above…
slob, humor, BL Brian meme
Lol, plenty of tongue twisters there!


slob, humor, society meme
Yep, exactly.
slob, humor, memory meme
Hee hee


slob, humor, meme

Or so I hear.


slob, humor, memeslob, humor, Sheldon meme

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!




slob, humor, Cookie Monster meme

slob, humor, circus meme     Me too, Lucy.      Always….

slob, humor, Crazy GF meme
We can’t leave out Crazy GF!

Belly laugh much??         I did!!                 Best exercise I’ve had all week!                   Bwahahaha!



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