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For the past 3 and half years, I’ve been working on my cluttered house.      (Apt, trailers, house, apt again….)              Last year, I worked on my finances, in addition to my house clutter.        As well as trying to read the Bible every day.

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Love my purple leather cover KJV!!

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself in a HUGE way!

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So true!

You probably never would guess, so I’ll just tell you.

2018 is going to be my NO SPEND year.

Say what???             You heard me.

          2018 is going to be my NO SPEND year.

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slob, humor, stop spending

As y’all know, I love my clearance, and coupon shopping.  And a lot of the time it works out excellently!         Hullo, family presents (mostly) already done by January this year!

But, looking back over last year’s way over the top excess spending, and the burden I’m still struggling under from that, I decided to go drastic.

Even though I did sooo much better this Christmas,Jesus, Christmas




I still need to reign myself way in, and get on with responsible spending habits.

Therefore: the No Spend Challenge.


Don’t worry, I’ll still be de-cluttering, and struggling with cleaning, and all my usual fun stuff!!

Who wants to join me??           I’m officially challenging y’all.       If ya will, comment below, and we’ll make it a “thang”!

Oh wait, almost forgot something- the rules!!

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                                                   Also Melinda’s Rules, not just Michelle’s!

  1.  Food doesn’t count.      Hafta eat!!         BUT:  no junk food, or drinks, or fast food.        (Did I just say I won’t buy any brownies, or peach Fanta for a whole YEAR???         Yes, I did.         If I really want brownies, I have to bake, not buy them.        Hmmm, we’ll see how long THAT lasts!!)
  2.  Toiletries don’t count.      Gotta have my tp!
  3.   No gift buying- with the exception of my girls.       Ya KNOW I ain’t gonna miss buying them birthday, and Christmas presents!!            This one is gonna be a killer.        I have NEVER not bought Christmas presents, since I first had money of my own.         So, approximately, 50 years now.            A 5 decade long habit is gonna be a bear to break!!              That’s why it’s a challenge!
  4.   No new clothes, or shoes, or anything else for myself.           Unless everything becomes too big, it literally falls off me!      😉           (Also de-cluttering weight AGAIN this year.        With an eye to maintaining it for the long haul, this time.)
  5.   No new sewing supplies, or fabric.       If I want to sew, I have to use what I already have.         Yes, I plan to get Jasmine’s horse quilt done in Jan!        Then on to PP’s pink panda quilt in Feb.

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Now that hurts!!                                      

The ultimate purpose behind the “No Spend”, is to see how much more I can put on my bills, without all the junk I usually spend waste money on.        Since this year, I was able to pay off $900 of that 1 credit card, still leaving $700!!  OUCH!!, and pay off 3 other credit cards, smaller!!, then this coming year, I should be able to pay off almost everything I owe!!       I hope.          I really don’t wanna say exactly how much I owe, in total.         Do I hafta??           Well, it does count as clutter, technically….

Too bad!         I ain’t telling.

So, paying bills, no other spending, concentrating on having a clutter free house, losing weight, and loving the girls.        Anything else????            No, I think that’s it for this year!

Inspired by Mrs. Frugalwoods.  

Uber Frugal Month: The Ultimate Guide To Saving More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

Of course, her’s is only for 1 month.      But I have to go bigger!!      And be more extreme!

Join my “NO SPEND” Challenge!!

A No Spend post.   

slob, humor, no spend

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  1. My favorite purple person, I wish you a fabulous, spectacular New Year! You shall meet all your challenges except one: your clothes WILL fall off your whatchamacalit ’cause they’ll be WAAAY too big!
    Love you!

  2. Good luck! If we could count every dollar our debt was reduced as an item decluttered, 2018 in 2018 would be a heck of a lot easier!!

    1. Hi Kristy,
      First was my boyfriend, Alfredo! (Purple Coach purse from my Sis.)
      Candy, a quilting ruler, and a $15 Steak n shake card from my first ex.
      Some new clothes and tennis shoes from myself!
      Mama gave me a purple pen, a purple plastic cross stitched cross, and a purple book light.
      My stepmother took me to lunch.
      What did you get??

  3. Lucy,
    Happy New Year to you. I would like to join the challenge. I would like to save the money too but it is difficult not to splurge on myself, so let me see. Shall I just go on one last binge shopping for myself and then stop ?
    Everything else I will do, as I can do them, not a problem but this is difficult.

    1. Hi Susie!! Well, since it’s already 2018- no last binge! Just stop going in stores, is one of the best way I know to not spend!! And don’t look at websites either!! I’m glad you’re joining us!! YAY!!
      Love, Lucy

  4. Hi Melinda! Glad I found your blog through Janice from Mostly Blogging. Love the great advice you put forth. Going to sign up via email because I don’t want to miss any posts. 😊

  5. Hi BBFFM,
    You and I have the same goal this year. BBFFs must think alike! My goal last year was minimalism. Now, I’m even more serious. I want to read a book called Essentialism. It will teach me how to need less.
    Happy New Year! Your place looks great!

    1. Cool, BBFFJ!! Great minds do think alike! I need to check out that book as well. Working twards minimalism has helped so much!! More than all the previous years of de-cluttering! Until I changed my mind set, I was going in buying-purging circles!
      Thanks!! And Happy New Year to you!
      <3 BBFFM

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