Merry Minimizing

Savior of world

Merry Christmas!!          Happy birthday, Jesus!!         He truly is the reason for the season.    

Jesus is reason

IF Jesus has not been born, there literally would not be Christmas.

I hope you are celebrating the birth of our Savior today.

Savior of world

Let’s talk about how we are celebrating His birth.

Do we need to spend thousands of dollars to say, Happy Birthday, Jesus??

Jesus, love





No, we don’t.

Minimizing my life, has progressed into all areas.

Last year I spent $1,600, (on credit) just at one store!!

And, I’m still paying for those items, so probably they have doubled in cost.

This year, I’ve only spent $300, (credit) in that same store.     And approximately $200 (cash) elsewhere.

Plus, I had a huge stash of things I paid cash for, on clearance, of course!      Back in January.                Piles o Pencils

This year is soooo much more merry!!      I know I haven’t mortgaged my next year to the hilt, (except for the remainder of last year’s mortgaging).

I can gift people merrily, without the burden of guilt.

Think about it, Jesus never gave people gold, frankincense, or myrrh.      He was never rich, nor did He try to buy people’s love, or approval.     He gave people His time, attention, and love.

That’s what people, especially kids crave!      This year, let’s change the way we do things.

Stop buying stuff that’s unnecessary, and instead give our time, attention, and love to people.            Try it!      You’ll be amazed at how wonderful you both will feel!

Yes, I’m giving my girls presents, of course!!      I made them T-shirts, yes, the much ballyhooed T-shirts.      I have a few clothes for them.      And I bought a Memory game for us to play together.

No plastic junk from the dollar store.      No little things that will get played with 5 minutes, then lost or broken.

Lots of love, time, and attention.

Merry Minimizing this Christmas!!

Jesus, Christmas


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