Nice Nora

The DD’s Aunt Nora is so nice!!           She always sends presents to the girls on Christmas, and their birthdays.

This year is no different.

She sent a huge box.        Always a lovely surprise to get a package in the mail!          Especially since this time, my name was on it!!              Quite a surprise!              I managed to control myself long enough till the girls got here.            Then we tore into it!!

I slit the tape, and PP reached in to get the presents.            After we had everything out, PP literally began tearing into the presents!             Mommy and I had to holler, “Stop!”           We explained she didn’t even know whose present she was opening.             (Turns out, it was CC’s.)            So, moving on…          (Of course, Mommy let them open them the next morning, before school.        “Can’t make ’em wait till Christmas to open presents” is a generational disease our family has.         It passed down thru my Dad, to me, now DD1 is infected.           Sadly, no cure is known.         Happily, it only flares up once a year, so we just bravely suffer in silence.)

There were boxes, and boxes of cookies!         And chocolate candy!!            Those got the girls’ attention!           Especially since one was smashed open!          

slob, humor, open cookies
Awww, already open??   We better hurry and eat’um then!

Who needs presents when there’s cookies!!!                   They were sooo good!!               Aunt Nora is a wonderful cook!!

slob, humor, snowman candy
I know it’s hard, but can you tell it’s a snowman?
slob, humor, cookies
So many kinds!!

True to her name, ChunkChunk, had a big chunk bitten off before you could say “Rudolph!”

AND, Aunt Nora sent me a present this time!!         A beautiful hand painted cookie jar, to put the cookies in.         Any that survive the initial onslaught, that is.       ie: not many!!

slob, humor, cookie jar

Yummy!!                She still remembers I love purple!!            What a thoughtful ex-sister-in-law!!             I wrote her a nice “Thank you” text.           And sent pix of the girls wearing their new clothes and shoes!!

Aunt Nora loves her niece, and grand nieces!!            And it even feels like she still loves me!!


  1. I always made my family wait to open presents. Something about anticipation! We always opened 1 present on Christmas eve, then the tearing into began in earnest on Christmas morning. BUt if your auntie shipped food, it was probably wise to open early (although she could have put a note to “open now!”
    Are you self hosted now? How is it going for you?

    1. Aww man, your poor kids. Just kiddin! We didn’t have to wait, since the one was already opened for us! Thanks post office! lol
      Yes, I am. But it’s thru I’m still trying to learn, but of course I’ll never learn it all before they change everything!!
      So glad to not have a storage problem, tho!!

  2. Congrats on new site – darling cookie jar and SUPER ex-SIL. We opened presents on Christmas Eve once the youngest stopped believing in Santa but the only way to open earlier was to sneak around and find the presents before they were wrapped – LOL. But we still had presents to unwrap for Christmas and it sounds like you don’t. In any case (and however you do it) Merry Christmas!

    BTW- is there a “like” button or a way to “follow” through the Reader? I can’t manage ANY more email – I’m already drowning in the stuff!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

    1. Thanks, Madelyn! Oh, the girls will have presents, for sure!! And I’m sure my Mommy will have 1 for me!!
      I don’t know the answer to your question. I’m sorry. I still know very little about how to work anything but posting!

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