Night Nurse

PP has appointed herself as my night nurse.          She’s concerned that if she doesn’t help me with my night meds, I’ll forget to take them.          (However did I survive the 52 years before she arrived??)

When she was 3, I opened the bottles, and put the pills in her hands.      

Then she dispensed them into my mouth, 1 by 1.            Now that she’s 4, and has her advanced nursing degree, she opens the bottles, and dispenses them into my hand!

slob, humor, vitamins

slob, humor, vitamin
Here’s one, Omie.
Don’t drop it!

I even get a kiss, and a hug, and a “Good job, Omie!” after I swallow them all.        

PP is the bestest night nurse ever!!     

Thank God!          Now I know I’ll have someone compassionate to take care of me in my old age.       Ya know, when I turn 60, in 3 1/2 years!   😉           DDs had assured me many years ago, that they would have no problem dumping placing me in the proper home!


  1. Love it!!! The closer we get to having a grandchild, the more we reminisce about things like this with our kiddos. Now new memories to make!!

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