Norma Norwex

slob, humor, Nora bottle brush

Remember Nord??

slob, humor, Nord toilet brush
Nord!     I know it’s cray-cray to love a toilet brush, but I do!

Well, guess what??              What??

Now he has a girl friend!!           WHAT????            (Is there an echo in here??)

Yes!        She is so slim, and special!       She’s even purple!!          So ya know I love her!

Introducing: Norma Norwex!           Hi!      I’m Norma!

slob, humor, Nora bottle brush

Her plastic paddles on the side are so excellent for scraping stuff from the inside of bottles, or glasses!!       She’s so considerate that way!      Doing everything in her power to help me wash dishes faster, and easier!

I love Norma!!   (Just not as much as I love Nord.   But a close second.)

Norma even has a scraper on the top, for the very bottom of the bottle/sippy cup.     So convenient! (Since the sippys have a clear nipple, what’s the difference??)

slob, humor, scraper

Her body is ergonomically designed to be a pleasure to hold.     No hand strain!      Yay!    slob, humor, ergonomic handle

(Of course, I hold her platonically.     I’m sure Nord’s grip is much different than mine!)     ‘;)

slob, humor, brushes in love
Nord, and Norma- So in love!

They love each other very much!!         (And yes, I force her to take a scalding hot shower every time she returns from a date!)

Oh yes indeed, Norma is nice!!       And no, I won’t share her!      Get your own!

A Norwex post.

slob, humor, Norwex

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