Purple Position

PP wanted to help me.                       Nothing usual there.                    But this time, it was a bit tricky.     I was fixin’ to put up Christmas tree lights.          Just not on the tree.              In my room’s 1 and only window.

slob, humor, window

Here I am, getting all ready…..

slob, humor, lights

slob, humor, supplies to hang lights

                                                                                             Lights work!

Of course I figured out a way for PP to help!        (Is the Grinch green??        Her newest movie obsession, 3 weeks now and counting….)                I cut the pieces of tape, (purple of course!!), PP climbed up on the bed, and put the tape, and lights, in position.

slob, humor, PP helping
Prettiest hand in the world!








All done!      

slob, humor, lights up
Who cares they only go up half way???
slob, humor, nite pic
Note to self: Turn off flash when photographing lights.


Great job, PP!           Positive purple position!

An Absolutely Post.      Brought to you by the letter “P”, and purple Christmas lights.

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  1. I honestly have tried to subscribe to this site at least twice, but WordPress won’t let me. I’m totally signed in, but I have to sign in to comment here. If it will let me comment here. I have no idea what’s going on with that. I miss your posts! 🙁

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