Room Ruined

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The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was sick of my room.      It was ruined.       Since I had focused so hard on sewing for 2 weeks, everything was a wreck!

I gathered donations, that had been spread all over, to put in van.     

slob, humor, donations
Outgrown, or fit funny clothes.

Vanronica wasn’t to home right then, so I had to wait till Monday morning.

Hung up clean laundry, after washing it.

slob, humor, clothes hung up   slob, humor, full trash can

Stuffed full trash can.           Particularly proud of that!!            Yay!         You can see the cardboard out of a bolt of fabric.            The blue dress had holes in it, I discovered, as I went to hang it up.        Buh-bye!

All the sewing scraps, thread ends, and general junk, filled up the can quite nicely.

Even swept!          The broom, and dust pan handle are evidence!

Put several things away in the Christmas bin, that were just hangin’ round.

slob, humor, Christmas







Ah!     The room looked, and felt so much better!!

I had a well deserved nap after all that work!


An Absolutely post.       Brought to you by the letter “R”, and donations.

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  1. The best part of that is that it sounds like it looks significantly better pretty quickly! Yay!! That’s what I’m finding at my house too and it’s awesome!!

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