Ruined Room Reel

slob, humor, LOTR

My room was ruined!         (Again!)        I had had it all nice and neat, well, neat-ish!         Now it was wrecked all over again.

Boxes, bags, and bins, oh my!

More to be purged!        I have to be utterly ruthless!

Tiny as it is, only what fits in this room can stay!        [Duh!]

Maybe I can stick some hooks in the ceiling, to hang stuff?     Put up shelves?     {Don’t hurt yourself laughing too hard!}        Get a bookcase?       Put the bed up on risers??

My precious stuff!!

slob, humor, LOTR
I look just like that!    Well, same expression, and posture!    I have a tiny bit more hair now!

Well, the Christmas presents can stay until given!!      (They were.)        THEN the ruthless purge.   (Again!)

I’ll try to whip it into shape by NYE.          LOL!!        I mean Valentine’s Day!


An Absolutely post.      Brought to you by junk, and whatever that guy up there’s name is.    No, I never read LOTR.      Don’t shoot me!

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  1. Ah, it’s mostly laundry… Easily taken care of. ^_^ Says the woman with a load in the washer and another in the dryer — like, since yesterday. *sigh*

    I want to take a nap too.

  2. As you see, I did manage to subscribe – aha! I missed you, and now we are connecting again, and right in time to wish you lots and lots of happiness and wacky good humor in 2018!
    With much love,
    Your friendly funky cat

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