Sooty Seat

slob, humor, dirty car seat

PP’s car seat was looking a little lot, umm, shall we say, sooty??        Grungy?        Or just flat out dirty??

We let them eat, and drink in Vanronica.        Annnnd, she climbs up on her seat regularly, so.. yeah, kinda yucky.

slob, humor, dirty car seat

                                                                                                 Example 1

And oops, I accidentally deleted the other picture.       Well, it was just more of the same.         I was a little confused apparently, by 4 pix of almost the exact same thing!      😉                     So, it’s the only example, it turns out, not #1, with an expected #2 behind it!

It took just a Norwex Enviro, some water, and a lot of elbow grease, but it got clean!

slob, humor, clean booster
Other side is clean too!
slob, humor, clean booster

It probably doesn’t make any difference, or feel any different to PP, but Mommy and I notice!!

And appreciate!!


Now time to do CC’s car seat…….

(I’m scared!!      Ya have to take it apart, and undo the buckles, and straps, and all that claptrap!      Then, even worse, put it all back together again!!)

A Norwex post. 

slob, humor, Norwex             

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