Tres’ Trees

slob, humor, tres trees

The very anticipated, much ballyhooed, long awaited: Tres’ Trees T-shirts post!!         (See!       I told you it was coming!)

slob, humor, tres trees
I thought for sure I had stumped Google images this time. Imagine my shock when this came up!

slob, humor, 3 trees





The fabrics I used for the shirts:

slob, humor, fabric

I thought the green and blue was so cute!!       Woven cotton that looks like sweater material!

I made them for the girls, of course.         And their teachers.

slob, humor, CCs teacher
CC and her teacher.  But I cant see the trees!!
Sorry, I guess the forest got in the way…
slob, humor, tree t-shirts
PP and her teacher.
I see a tree!



Annnd, 1 for me.       (That I forgot to finish!!)

slob, humor, oops patch
Yeah, I forgot to sew it down, and the glue washed out!



slob, humor, tree shirts
PP and me at Family Christmas Party.

DD1 asked, “Why do they have Jewish stars??”

My answer: “I couldn’t make 5 point stars.     And Jesus was Jewish!”

And tres’ trees for the girls’ 3 friends.

Hope you had tres’ trees yourself!!

slob, humor, tres trees


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