Twins Twice

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The twins’ quilts were so fun to shop for!!       (Which I did waaay back in March of 2016, after Kristen announced her pregnancy.)   

And plan the pattern!         PP designed the pattern for one 9 patch.   

slob, humor, quilt pattern PP did it herself!         The layout, not the sewing!

She loved playing with all the colorful squares!!

slob, humor, quilt top pieced

Finished first quilt the week before Thanksgiving!    (Only 18 months late!  Along with Aulani’s, #7 below.)

slob, humor, 2 quilts
2 done!!

                                                        (Notice the made with love labels.)

slob, humor, love labels
Twice the love, for twice the babies!

For the first one, I made my own bias tape.        But that involved so many tedious hours of labor, my executive decision was not for the second one, come what may!

First, ya fold the strip in half, iron that.         Then open, and fold in the sides to meet the middle, iron that.slob, humor, bias tape

The 2nd fold. 






slob, humor, ironing bias tape      The 3rd fold.

Here is the quilt with the bias tape.     

slob, humor, bias taped quilt

slob, humor, no bias tape
Without, just the backing folded over.

But when I went to make the 2nd quilt, eeerch!!         Halted in my tracks!         I didn’t have enough squares cut out.           sigh

Then, I could NOT find my quilting ruler, no matter where I looked.             Pop even came in and hunted.           I figured since he was the one who moved all my stuff in, he’d know right where it was.          No success there either.           Arrrgh!

So, since I was out of money, I had to beg PopPop to buy me another one.          Which he did, but not like the nice one he’d bought me 20 years ago!!          It was very small, but for $5, what did I expect??

In any case, it did what I needed it to do, so I was back on track, and chugging along.

slob, humor,cutting squares
LOVE my rotary cutter!!
Saves sooo much time!








I wanted the 2 quilts to be very similar, but different enough so that the babies would know which one was whose.

Definitely achieved that goal, since the first quilt didn’t have any of this fabric on the patched side.    The flower print, above, with the ruler.       Or “buttefys” as PP called it! 

 I adore this material so much!!       And I still have several yards left!         (I bought the whole bolt!)       I have plans for it later…..

slob, humor, twin quilts
Twice as nice!

Before I deliver the quilts, I will write down all the Scripture references, that I prayed for the girls.     So Kristen, and Jerrod will know what went into them.       (Done)

As soon as I can make a trip to Plant City, the girls will have them in their little hands!!

Update:  Friday, 12/1/17, I gave them to Aunt Cindy to deliver for me, since she goes to church with them.       On their way!!



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