Vandalized Vanronica

slob, humor, Vanronica's missing part

What????         Vanronica was vandalized???          Gary will be devastated!!         I know!!       

Sorry, Gary, I didn’t know how to break this to ya, except just straight out.

A back flap part off the hatchback was viciously torn off Vanronica, and thrown into the road.   

I was so glad no one got hurt!             Thankfully, all the drivers behind us were able to swerve out of the way.       Oh, I forgot to mention she was going down the road at the time??           At 45 mph, to be exact!slob, humor, Vanronica's missing part

(I was able to go back later, and retrieve if from the gutter.)

slob, humor, Vanronica
She feels so ugly now!!

slob, humor, Vanronica

Poor thing, such a rugged hole in her back.

I had to take several shots, of different viewpoints, for her plastic surgeon.

But, ya wanna know the worst part??             What?              She did it to herself!                 No way!!

This was on top of already needing an oil change, and her desperately crying for it, every time (several times per!!) we made a trip.        Poor thing sounded so pitiful.        Ding!         Need oil change! would flash across her forehead.

For a few months now, she has been shaking, and vibrating so badly, that we’ve wondered if she was gonna make back home.         So, we’ve had to slow down, and baby her.          Then, 2 weeks ago, a horribly loud rattling sound started, adding to the cacophony.           DD1 and I could not figure out what was going on.

XH said to check the tires, and that she needed an alignment.

Last Saturday, (after Friday’s payday), I was finally able to take her in for a checkup.          I told the tech to be very gentle, since she was so traumatized.

Yeah, all 4 tires were so bad, they didn’t even want to let us leave!          But, since they didn’t have her size in stock, I promised to come back Monday.

Oh, the missing piece??       Yeah, that would cost $400, just for the part!!       Then labor!!          So, poor girl will have to just suffer for the time being.        Her self  esteem is in the dumps, but we’ll just keep giving her lots of pats, and sweet talk.        Maybe that will help her be able to keep functioning.  I sure hope so!          We can not do without her!

Sweet Friend did offer to superglue it back on…….    I declined the offer.      (At least for the present.)  Anyone know a good junkyard they can recommend??


    1. Hi BBFFJ, glad you found me!! Of course!! How would anyone know it was really me, if I stopped alliterating?? 😉
      It’s supposed to pop up. Is Sumo acting up again???
      <3 BBFFM

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