2018 in 2018

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Inspired by Rachel Jones, the Joyful Space Specialist.       She has a blog, that I’ve been following for a while now, also a FB group, that I belong to.


She has a yearly challenge, to de-clutter your house.     As many things as the year, thus 2018 in 2018.

slob, humor, chart

So, I printed out my chart, and started on Christmas Day!!       I got rid of 2 cookie tins,

AFTER I finished all the cookies, of course!              Also, 2 Christmas cards went in the trash.        Felt so good!

NYE I managed to get 72 more boxes checked off!!          YAY!!       

I counted everything!!

Every little scrap,

slob, humor, fabric scraps


slob, humor, bow


slob, humor, old cards


slob, humor, calendars
Calendar/diaries allll the way back to 1980.

and newspaper page,

slob, humor, newspaper

(These are Bobby’s obits.         My dead husband.            I think I will remember he’s dead, and when he died, without them.)

1 more thing on NY Day.        Up to 77!!              Woot, woot!!                Only something, something thousand left to go!

Oh, I almost forgot.      DD1 printed out a chart too!!         We’re competing to see who can throw away/recycle/donate 2018 things first!!         I plan to win!!

Looking forward to 2018 less things in my house by next NYE!!

An Absolutely post.   Brought to you by Father Time.

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  1. I know you’ve never been a counter, but you will be amazed at how much stuff you are removing. Can’t wait for the updates!!

  2. 2018 in 2018! That’s ambitious! I’m sure you can do it though. Especially if you are racing to complete it. Good luck!

    I may try something similar, but will probably go for a more conservative number to start…

    1. Uh oh!! You could do it, if you set your mind to it, Robin!! I used to be a terrible procrastinator myself. And I’m not cured yet!
      But marking off those little squares in very satisfying!! And strangely addictive!
      anything you purge is progress!!

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