Book Bonanza

Yeah,  just purged 14 books, so guess what PP brings home from Daddy’s???

17 more.         sigh

slob, humor, books
More, and more!

The first one she asked me to read:    slob,humor, Halloween book           Nope, do not like monsters.

Of course I had a bad feeling about it, just from the cover.      Sure enough, the first sentence was about vampires.

“Nope.    You know Omie don’t do vampires, baby.      Pick another one.”

So, this morning, while she’s at school, guess where that book went??

slob, humor, trashed book
Where it belongs.

1, 1 thing de-cluttered today!          Ah, Ah, Ah!            (Count from Sesame Street.       Yeah, I know he’s technically a vampire.       So, I’m contradicting myself.           It’s my right as a woman!)

An Absolutely post.          Brought to you by the letter “V”, and books galore.

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