Bookshelf Boogie

Bookshelf for girls is a mess.        They can’t even find their favorites to read, because it’s too overwhelming to them.

slob, humor, messy bookshelf

So, they just sweep their arms, clear off the shelf, then pick out their favorites off the floor.              No bueno!!            Omie doesn’t like that!!           And when I tell them to pick them up, they get discouraged.   

14 of them, they had never even looked at!           I hated to get rid of the 2 Bible story books, but they were too heavy, and too many words per page.            So, just them sitting there did no one any good.  Several shorter Bible stories are still here; David, Noah, Adam & Eve.

“Purge!”  I yelled!!      As I did the Bookshelf Boogie.

slob, humor, books

And out the door they went.            With tears in my eye, I waved goodbye.          “I love you books!  Hopefully someday I can adopt you again!”

slob, humor, neat bookshelf            Ah!! Now the books can breathe again!! And the girls can see what they have.

And hopefully they can pick up, as they do their own bookshelf boogie!!

An Absolutely post.        Brought to you by the letter “B”, and the bookshelf boogie.

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  1. I love this. People say, “You can’t have too many books.” YES YOU CAN. I read a book that suggested keeping 6 picture books out at a time (don’t worry, you can rotate but no more than 6 at a time) for young kids. It’s the perfect number for them not to get overwhelmed but to still feel like there’s plenty of choice. And doesn’t create a mess.

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