Dang Dishes

slob, humor, dirty dishes

The dang dishes piled to the ceiling.  

slob, humor, dirty dishes  slob, humor, filthy pot

Okay, they weren’t, but in this smaller place, the mess feels magnified!!

First drainerful:

slob, humor, clean dishes!       I had to wash that big pot first, to even be able to use the drainer!

Well, at least I’ve made a little dent!

slob, humor, dirty dishesslob, humor, dirty dishes    There is a stove back there!

Next pile:

slob, humor, clean dishes     Whittling it down!


Because I have to do them in shifts, it takes longer.        But that system works with my energy levels, and my body pains.        (Thyroid sluggishness, back aches, arthritis, etc)       So, very doable, instead of never getting done, till it’s a disaster of epic proportions, as has been the case in the past.

Last set:

slob, humor, last of dishes

Clean at last!!slob, humor, all clean!

(Yes, all the pots on the stove are now clean.      Dreadful lack of cabinet space here!)

All delightful again!!       And all in just 1 day!!           That’s what I call a day done well!              Dang dishes de-disasterized!!

An Absolutely post.

Brought to you by the letter “D”, and all my diseases.

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  1. Wow, that is a small space. It makes a few dishes look like a mountain of dishes! My current kitchen isn’t much better, but I only use on pot and one pan, so that makes it easier to know when to wash the dishes. Sometimes, not having kidlings around makes life a lot easier for cleaning up. ^_^ Good for you on getting things done though, I know how tough it can be.

    1. Yes, it is!! Yup, exactly! Well, that would probably be a better idea for us, too! Lol,yes it does!! I do remember those days! lol
      Thanks, Willow. I know you do. We are both here to support each other!

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