Florida Flurries

slob, humor, FL snowman

We had winter 2 weeks ago, folks!!       (Jan 2-6, 2018)       It was brutal!!          But we persevered, and survived!

slob, humor, FL snowman
Florida snowman.      They do exist!

That was up in N.  Florida.

Down here, the temps got down to freezing, threatening the strawberries.

slob, humor, frozen berries
Tragedy when all the berries freeze!
slob, humor, frozen strawberry plants
Ice on the strawberry plants.

slob, humor, winter meme      Here ya go, Captain!

Our personal horror:slob, humor, temp in car

44 degrees!!             Is that celsius??     At 8 o’clock in the morning!!        Brrr!!       I had to put on my sweatshirt, AND my zip up sweatshirt jacket!

Good thing we keep blankies in the van for the girls!!         Their poor little teeth were almost chattering!!            (They have real, legitimate coats, with hoods!)

And bonus, the heater in  Vanronica works really well!             (Not like poor Burgundy, brrr!)

So, the Florida flurries didn’t come down this far south, but Florida did have them!!



  1. My nieces live in Gulfport, MS, which is right on the Gulf of Mexico and they were talking about getting snow “…for the second time this year! WTF, world?” I know Mississippi isn’t Florida, but I think that one little bit of MS is on the same latitude, unless you’re WAY South.

    Anyway, enjoy your snow, we’re having an unusually warm winter up here, and that doesn’t bode well for the summer.

        1. No problem that you didn’t answer. I gotta figure this thing out for us!!
          Climate change- yes. I just don’t believe in global warming- case in point- snow in FLORIDA!!

  2. Glad you survived Melinda!
    Cute snowman, but it looks more like a snow elf. How small is he?
    44 celsius would be sweltering HOT like the Sahara Desert!!! 🙂
    Where is your “like” button?


  3. Glad there is evidence of your obvious survival. (I did write a post about being prepared for such things…) 🙂

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