Huge Hunter’s High

slob, humor, hunter w/ kill

I have a confession to make.

I get a huge hunter’s high from killing…     (Remember the cat, the elephant, and cow??)


slob, humor, roaches
My prey.







I never really understood hunters, until I began making roach killing a sport.   slob, humor, hunter w/ kill


Now I understand, totally!

The little bitty ones are a small thrill.            Cuz  they don’t know anything yet.              But my great satisfaction is that they won’t grow up to reproduce.        HaHA!

Killing a Huge one- a huge adrenaline high!!      They’ve been around awhile- know all the ropes, and tricks, but I outsmarted ya!                      Mwahahahaha!

Really, Melinda, how hard is it to be smarter than a roach??          Sometimes, really, really hard!

Enjoy some old posts; on the house.

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An Absolutely post.  Brought to you by the letter “R”, and dopamine.

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#18     #19      #20 Hunter’s High


  1. Some day, I’ll post about the time I lived (very briefly) in a house infested with roaches when I lived in Panama City Beach in Florida. It was… surreal. It got me over my fear of roaches though. Ah, the follies of youth… ^_^

    Get those bad boys! They’re the only thing I also hunt down with relish. They must die!

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