Mouse Meal

slob, humor, dead mouse

Again there was a mouse present left on our doorstep, the 2nd one!!         

slob, humor, dead mouse

Evidently one of us has a feline secret admirer!             That begs the question- which one of us??

DD1’s friend, who owns cats, said it means the cat likes us, and feels sorry for us.         So, since it knows we’re not good hunters, it’s feeding us.             (Is this true, Dolly??)     

Awwww, how sweet!           NOT!!!

HOW does it know we’re not good hunters???              If there’s tons of mice around, doesn’t that mean he isn’t a good hunter???

So, how do you break up with a cat, that you’ve never even spoken to??            I need some advice here, quick!!             Before another mouse meal shows up!!          I don’t think I can stomach another one!

An Absolutely post.       Brought to you by the letter “M” and cats.

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  1. So funny and cute, Melinda. My brother told me awhile ago his wife’s cat would leave dead mice on his pillow!! Yours us at least outside. . .
    Hope you and your family plus sweet granddaughter had lots of fun over holidays! 🎉🌞🌈

    1. Thanks, Robin! Oh, wow!! I think I would die if I found them on my pillow!! YUCK!!
      We had a blast!! Thanks! How was your Christmas, and New Year’s with your grandies?

    2. This kind of happened to me the other day!! Although my kitty didn’t leave the mouse on my pillow, he did bring it up into my bed!! It was awful!!!

  2. Like Robin said, at least yours is outside. My cat (and dogs!) keep bringing them inside. At least I don’t get them on my pillow. ewww. Best you can do it dispose of the things as quickly as possible.

    And the cat knows you’re a bad hunter because they never see you hunt and kill a mouse… duh. ^_^

    On a completely different note. I see these post to your site, but have no way of knowing if you answer them because WordPress doesn’t notify me. >_<

    1. Yeah, oh my gravy, I think I would die if he left them on my pillow!!
      Well, of course! Why didn’t I think of that! lol
      I hate WP!! I’m sorry. If only I knew how to fix tech stuff!

  3. Lucy, Roxie has a grey stuffed mouse with a leather tail that she brings to me in bed every single night after the lights go out. And all the while she is carrying it up the stairs, she talks cat talk????? and yowls. I want to throw the dirty old thing away (the stuffed mouse, not the cat) but fear Roxie will move on to the real thing. (Much like the one in your photo). I suggest you get a stuffed mouse and put it on your door step and maybe the phantom cat will start carrying it around instead of real ones. Or maybe the phantom cat will be much smarter than Roxie? That will not be too much of a reach!Love, Ethel

    1. Ethel! shudder No wonder you are tired, and stressed!! Dealing with multiple mouse murders, makes for no restful sleep!!
      Thanks for the suggestion!! Or maybe the cat will realize we are over him, and have moved on???
      Love, Lucy

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