Rilla Rice

slob, humor, Rice cooker

Meet Rilla our rice cooker.

slob, humor, Rice cooker
Think shes a little cock-eyed? Yeah, there’s a reason…

She was already broken, when I met her.        (She belongs to DD1.)

slob, humor, cord repair
Nice bandage there, Rilla.
Hopefully it was only a flesh wound?

Please notice the  “expert” electrical repair with black tape.        (eye roll)

She worked okay, I was just always nervous about being electrocuted to death.         But, other than that, everything was ok.

Until I melted her leg!!           slob, humor, melted leg     OOPSIE!

Ya see, I was making trying to make pudding.       And Rilla was resting on the stove top, (ceramic top).           Now, DD1 cooks all the time with things on the stove.          Because of our tiny kitchen, that’s where they live.                So, it shouldn’t have been a problem, right??         Yeah, right.

As you saw, big problem!!        I didn’t have on my glasses, so I turned on the wrong eye by mistake, and was wondering why the pudding pot wasn’t getting hot.           Until I smelled melting plastic, and looked over at Rilla.           She was screaming, “I’m melting!”            I quickly snatched her up, put her on the top of the microwave, and hurried back to the stove to turn off that eye!         

Then I had to try to clean up the melted plastic, off the eye.          Probably poisoned myself, from the toxic fumes, along the way.           Is that what’s wrong with me lately??             Rilla’s Revenge??

Oh yes, in case you’re wondering, yes, I did manage to make the pudding without endangering any other lives.        I got smart, and put on my glasses before I tried again!

So, the only question remaining, do I put her down like a horse with a broken leg???        Or do I make her an orthotic leg??           She probably is not willing for me to touch her again!!             And I really wouldn’t blame her.     

Poor Rilla!

An Absolutely post.       Brought to you by the letter “R”, and murderous Melinda

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    1. Susie, Rilla is on life support. Not sure how much longer she can hold on. DD1 made some rice in the instapot, and it was okay. She wasn’t very mad. just said “Momma, wear your glasses!! And get some real ones, not just readers!!”
      I plan to do that in February.
      Love, Lucy

  1. It took me a few to realize you were making pudding in a different pan. I thought you were making it in Rilla and turned on the stove by mistake! I think that would have needed more than new glasses! Glad it wasn’t worse than a melted leg.

  2. I’m glad no other appliances (or people) were harmed in the making of this blog! But at least now you know what you can buy DD1 for her birthday or Christmas or for a “just because” kind of gift! Rilla may need to retire.

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