Room Remediation

I decided to do some room remediation.

slob, humor, messy night stand

Noooo, not my bedside table.

slob, humor, piles of clothes

Nooooo, not that pile either.                 Well, what did you do??

slob, humor, gray, stacked drawers    Yes, believe it or not, this is remediated!

That!!         I emptied all the fabric from the huge cardboard box, into the gray drawers.           Then I was able to throw away the box!!

I was looking for a before pic, but I guess it was all on video.

Room Ruined

Ruined Room Reel

Well, that’s okay.   If you’ve seen 1 box, you’ve seen them all!!

Also, straightened up my sewing table.

slob, humor, neater sewing table

Ahhh!!           So much better now!!         Even though it’s still quite a mess!         My ruined room was driving me crazy!!               (I know, short drive! lol)

Room Remediation successfully completed.               Real-ly??                  Okay, would you settle for half done??

An Absolutely post.       Brought to you by the letter “R”, and math term “half”.

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