Shoes Shock

slob, humor, pink sneakers

Remember how hard it was to find some shoes, after my purple Crocs punked out on me??

Shoe Shop

And ya know I had to look for other shoes, since those white sandals rubbed a blister on my toe.

So, back to the drawing board.

Michelle to the rescue!!         She gave me a pretty pair of pink sneaks!!               Thanks, Sis!!

slob, humor, pink sneakers
Yay!       Pretty in pink!

(I did have to scramble around for some socks, tho.        I hadn’t worn socks since last winter!      Good thing I had already bought a few pair for my After Christmas Christmas Sock Exchange Party!    Don’t worry, I’ll tell all about the fun later!)

And coincidentally, only cost her 50 cents!!           (Have I mentioned she’s a penny shopper?        She’s good, too!!

So, off I go to my counseling, happily wearing my oh so pretty pink tennies.


After only 3 hours, my dogs were barking loud enough to wake up ALL the neighbors!!  These shoes, and my toes hated each other!!        My big toes were rubbing on the end/side/wherever inside, till I was nearly crippled!             Not gonna work!

Shock, shock.            NOT.                 🙁

So, back to the painful white ones, since they were less painful, (only 1 toe affected, rather than 2) than the pink ones.           Good thing they hadn’t left the house yet!

slob, humor, sandal

Here we go again.         Round and round we go, where the shoes stop, nobody knows.

A shoes post:        Brought to you by the letter “S”, and white after Labor Day.

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  1. I can’t tell if you’re getting my comments or not, but I’m still trying (Darn you WordPress!). Anyway, buying shoes for me is an exercise in frustration, so I know your pain. I generally end up buying men’s shoes because they’re wider. They’re not pink or purple (well, some of them are) but they are comfortable. 🙂

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