Sock Saga

slob, humor, socks to donate

Today I decided I need a quick win de-clutter.

Since the girls’ sock drawer was in here, (no need to know why! ), I thought that would be an excellent spot to do.

They already have 7 pairs each in circulation, on their feet, or in the laundry.

I quickly found 7 colorful pairs in good shape, to donate.

slob, humor, socks to donate
7 pairs to go to some other little girl!

Even more quickly, I found 14 to trash.          Some weren’t even mated, so long solo socks!!

slob, humor, socks to trash
7 pairs to trash.

As you can see, some of them were waaay beyond wearable!!        Others, I just was tired of waiting for their mate to show up!            Time’s up singles!

That still left 4, or 5 pairs each as back ups.            Plenty of socks for just 4 little feet!!

Their de-cluttering chart is filling up too!              31 boxes checked off!!                 Way to go, girls!

An Absolutely post.        Brought to you by the letter “S”,  and little feets.

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