Frame Frustration

slob, humor, cell phone

(I was told the original title was pornographic.          I do apologize.       I was thinking frontal lobe of the brain.                        

Can’t believe it has taken me this long to figure this out!!        To upload new pix, I’ve been emailing to myself.      Then, download to the computer, then upload to here.

Today I suddenly realized, I could probably upload them directly from my phone, to here!

slob, humor, cell phone

Well, duh!!

So much less effort, and aggravation!!

All I had to do was log in to my blog, on my phone.      Go to edit a post, add media, upload files, select files, then go check the pix.         I’m so frustrated with myself that I have been taking the long road home ever since I got this phone!!            ARGH!

My previous phone, all I had to do was attach a cord, to the computer, and hit download. 

slob, humor, purple cord
Purple cord even!!

But for some reason, this phone won’t have anything to do with that nonsense.        So, I just struggled along, instead of asking for help.       Like a stubborn head.

And now I see the option, to do it directly as I TAKE the pic!!         Man alive!!         I have been wasting so much time and energy!!

At least ya know now!!             Yeah, now that I’m old and gray!         😉                 Better late than never!    Well, that’s true enough.

So, okay, now that I’ve freed up hours of time a day, let’s get on with some more sewing!!           Poor Jasmine is STILL waiting for her Christmas  birthday  will it be Valentine’s Day? quilt!

slob, humor, horse fabric
Hordes of horses


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