Habitat Homework

slob, humor, habitat

PP had to choose an animal, and build it’s habitat.        She calls it a “hab-i-tack”.      So cute!

She chose the giraffe.                        slob, humor, giraffe    Maybe because it’s Grandmama’s favorite???

Grandmama’s giraffe.
Sacrificed for the cause.

So, we went to her house, and of course she was thrilled to be asked to help.         (Parent participation includes grandparents AND great-grandparents, ya know!)

PP was so excited.            Grandmama got out all the materials, and PP got right to work.

slob, humor, habitat
We had it fixed. Then, PP had to keep playing with it.

So, Omie had to do some work, after all.           Climate change is a thing, after all!

slob, humor, giraffe habitat
There!          All done!








We she did great!!

(YAY!!   Found my text color!    Had to toggle the tool bar.) 


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