More Medical Memes, Melinda?

slob, humor, medical meme

More Medical Memes????           How many more, Melinda???

slob, humor, ambulance meme
Awwww.     They get no respect.
slob, humor, medical meme
slob, humor, medical meme
slob, humor, medical meme
No joke!
PP had to go to ER, with it!

slob, humor, medical memeslob, humor, medical meme

His next appointment is on the 17th when the clock’s little hand is on the two, and the big one’s on the nine.          Bwahahahaha!           Sometimes, I did that as a teacher, too!!

slob, humor, medical meme

slob, humor, chapstick meme
Couldn’t help myself, with this one!
slob, humor, medical meme


The answer is 9.          I hope I tickled your funny bone today!!



  1. But I’ve said for years that marriage is a commitment, and committed people belong in an institution! Then my husband (AKA The Boss) managed to convince me that we were both equally crazy, so we belong in the same institution, and I married him, 20 years ago. We are still in the same institution, thank G-d!

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