Pride Production

slob, humor, mountain goat

Okay, to all who were concerned about me- I’m much better, thanks!          I appreciate all the prayers!

I truly thought I was over all that falling nonsense!!        I had been so much more balanced lately!!      Probably in large part due to my new Nikes!!         

slob, humor, new Nikes
My new Nikes- purple even!!

(Oh, wow!!        It really is soooo much faster, and less work to upload directly from the camera!!)

Proper fitting, sturdy shoes seem to help with balance, and not falling!            Who knew??           😉

But, I guess I was getting too cocky, and needed a reminder that:

Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.
So, humbly now, I will try to take more care where I place my feet!          I was stepping up onto the sidewalk, from the ground.           And apparently I misjudged the inch and a half height.
At least this time I  didn’t fall off my flip-flops!!     
Yes, I have really done that.               Just call me Grace!

Notice I said “Try“.       I do know better than to say I’ll never fall again.         That would be the surest way to hit the deck immediately!!

Alrightey then, here’s to being sure footed as a mountain goat!!           Or at least not eating dirt for a while!!slob, humor, mountain goat


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