Purse Purge

slob, humor, purse as boyfriend

This morning I decided Alfredo could use a good cleaning.        You know how some men have to be told they stink.           No, no!!            None I know, of course!!               Other men!

So, I proceeds to empty him out, and throw junk away, and put away some stuff.             (Yes, I said “proceeds” on purpose.)              Guess what I found??                 Candy from Grandmama!

Then, what else could I do but de-clutter a piece of it??

Did I remember to take pix along the way tho??          Noooooo!                   So, I told my Mommy on myself.          But that didn’t help, cuz she couldn’t understand why I’d need to take a pic of garbage in the first place.            Then I put myself in time out.             Again, no help cuz I just feel asleep.            sigh 

Next, I threatened to beat my own butt, but my arms ache so bad, I didn’t even believe myself.

What is a blogger to do, when she won’t even remind herself to do her job???          What I’ve done the whole time, I guess.         If I forget to take pix, I recreate what I can, substitute, or use an image off the Internet.         Maybe someday, in the far future, in a different galaxy, far, far away…..

Anyway, Alfredo was harboring many fugitives!!

Besides the candy.   

slob, humor, candy
Kisses from Mommy!

(Here’s the after, recreate the shot, shots. ) 

One lonely earring….  Slob, humor, lone earring

                                                     Yummy earring!Tons of  Three duplicate name cards from my bank, an old insurance card, useless receipts, and lots of used tissues.          I had CC with me in church yesterday, and her little nose needed quite a lot of attention.           And for every time I blew her nose, she had to have her OWN tissue, to wipe it herself.           Apparently, I’m not trustworthy enough to get it all clean.                ( eye roll)

And lots of change, which I put away.         During this No Spend Year, I’m saving my change.      Wonder how much I’ll have by the end of the year????          Inquiring minds want to know!

Here he is, all nice and neat!!          

slob, humor, purse as boyfriend

Alfredo my love!!

slob, humor, inside purse
Alfredo’s insides exposed!

Trust me, it looks sooo much better now!!

Purse purged!



  1. It always is a nice feeling to clean out the purse.

    I liked your question about how much change you would end up with. Years ago I happened to catch some guy on TV that was giving simple financial advice. He said that whenever you pay for something you should always use paper money. Then any change you receive should be saved along with change you come across in the car, under the couch cushions, etc. According to him the average person will come up with about $40 month. I used to save my change like that all year and trade it in at Christmas time every year. That’s how I paid for Christmas presents for years! Using $40 a month as a guestimation you will have close to $500 by Christmas if you do this every month! Just sayin…

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