Shopping Showdown

slob, humor, cashew candy

Okay, for my After Christmas Christmas Sock Exchange Party, I needed Christmas stuff, right?

Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious for pointing that out!

So, time for clearance shopping!!        This was one of my few exceptions to my No Spend year, since I had already planned the party, and invited everyone, back in Dec.         (Even though I didn’t write it on that post.)

As you know, I bought a lot of socks, back in December.         So pretty!!

slob, humor, Christmas socks

Then, I bought a reindeer game, which I couldn’t find the day of the party!      Argh!          And lots of candy, and cookies!!                 At 70% off, who could resist???                    And technically, that was allowable, since it was food!!       😉              Okaaaaaay, whatever you have to say to yourself to sleep at night….

slob, humor, chocolate chess     As you can imagine, this was a much desired prize!

slob, humor, food
Candy, cookies, and cake, oh my!

I didn’t show even half of it, cuz it would take me too long to pull it all out, then re-bag it.

[And when I got all those at Beall’s, AFTER I already had a bunch of stuff, XH told me not to do it.        He said, “You already have plenty of stuff.       You’re going overboard.”             But, did I listen??        Oh no!         And I charged over $100 on my Beall’s card.          🙁         Which dropped my credit score by 15 points, now under 600.        Boy, I wish I had listened!!        I did apologize to him later, for ignoring him.        Of all that stuff, only 4 of the thousand-ish packages were even opened.          More  sad face.]

Then Sis Michelle, my penny shopper extraordinaire mentor, found these 6 for a quarter each!!!

slob, humor, gingerbread houses
Yummy fun!



WHAT????          A quarter each??           They practically paid her to take them!!             IKR??




Plus 2 cookie boxes.            (That I gave to the girls.           Oh boy, did they ever have fun!!          More on them later, another day.)

Then, she tutored me, and I found these 8 for the same price!!        (But not at Beall’s where I bought all the other stuff!)

slob, humor, cashew candy
Oh so good!!

I have to admit, I already ate 2 all of the cashew ones.          AND the pecan ones too.               (Sorry, Sis!!       I was supposed to give those to her…….)              What diet??

Now this one, I’m not really sure if it’s a game, or food.        All I know, you’d have to be really game, to put it in your mouth!

slob, humor, chili chocolate roulette
I love chocolate, and I love fun. But Chili Chocolate fun is not for me! Too spicy!






It says it’s chocolate on the box, but then it says “chili” too.          And I know chilies are NOT chilly!!    Right, Carol?!?           You like them, I should mail this to you! lol


So, after the 2nd big superfluous Beall’s trip,  and XH’s  shopping showdown with me, this happened:

slob, humor, bent card
No good for me.




You’re not even supposed to be shopping AT ALL this year!!             Much less with plastic! 


slob, humor, cut up card
The only good credit card, for me, anyway.      I still can not be trusted with plastic in my hands.          🙁               So, it had to go.             Bye Beall’s!!      I loved you truly and deeply!!                                      Good riddance, I say!

So, after falling off the shopping showdown horse big time, and busting my butt, back on I go!!

No more shopping showdowns for me!!         That was not fun!


  1. Nice haul! ^_^ I cut up my credit cards years ago, like, all of them. Doug has one we use and a back up credit card. We accidentally got a Lowe’s credit card when we bought our washer and dryer. We thought we were buying them “on credit” like with a loan, but nope, they just open up a credit card account for you. >_< How did we not see that coming? Ah well, at least we got our washer and dryer out of it. Ha!

  2. Great choco finds!

    The Mister and I stopped using credit almost 10 years ago…you will be so glad you cut up those cards! (I highly recommend the Dave Ramsey book/system The Total Money Makeover.)

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