So, Some Socks

slob, humor, Christmas sox

I love all the colors, and patterns!! 

slob, humor, Christmas socks

The Rudolph socks are for a party game.

I gave the light strand ones to DD1.                I really want to keep them all for myself!           I did keep the pair of Christmas trees, ( see them at the top of the pile, extreme right?)         The other 3 pair, I stuffed with treats for the After Christmas Christmas Sock Exchange Party.          (Post coming soon.    I promise!      Of course y’all know “soon” is sooo relative, with me!!)

Of course, these are a different pair of tree sox!           I haven’t seen those others lately.            They’re probably somewhere in the black hole vortex, known as my room….

slob, humor, Christmas sox
Oh Tannenbaum!!

and some reindeer, just not those boxed reindeer..     slob, humor, reindeer sox

                                                                                                       Little (???)  brown reindeer feet!


And all the socks I left at Wally World, for all the other people with cold tootsies!

slob, humor, Christmas sox
Only $2 each!!    What a bargain!

I’m so generous, not to hoard EVERY pair I saw!!             😉

An extraneous pic of Christmas slippers, just for fun!

slob, humor, elf slippers
Not $2 pair!!

An Absolutely post.       Brought to you by the letter “S”, and slippers.

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  1. I could do with about 10 pairs of them as winter has finally arrived in the UK just when it should be LEAVING!!!!! It’s actually snowing right now but I’m hoping it will be gone by morning. If not, we’ll all be living like Canadians next week. Glad you had a nice birthday.

    1. Haha, Gilly, Canadians, aye? (Supposed to be long a sound. Did I spell that interjection correctly, Carmen??)
      If I had some wool ones, I’d post them right over!

    1. Thanks, Ethel!! Glad you like!! It’s so fun! Someday I’ll get around to actually posting about the party!
      Do it!! I hope you get a ton of donations!!
      Love, Lucy

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