Susie’s Suspicion

slob, humor, dog in manger

Susie had a suspicion over a year ago.                She emailed me, “I think something is up.”

Well, she called it correctly!                There was something afoot!

XH and I decided to try to reconcile.            So we began dating, and marriage counseling.

Then, we decided, Nah, about June.

But, I still thought he was mine!           When he told me in November that he was dating someone else, I was devastated!                      I thought, “You’re MY XH!!       You can’t date anyone else!”

Dog in the manger much, Melinda??

slob, humor, dog in manger

So, I gave them my blessing.              (After bawling for 2 days solid!!)             And just tried to suck it up in front of him.

Well, guess what??             Dating a new woman opened his eyes to how much he really did love me!!

On NYE, we began dating again!!             Hurray!!

slob, humor, dating
Our happy couple selfie!!



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