Very Valentine

As you might remember, DD1 is my Valentine baby.

Happy birthday, DD1!!                     

slob, humor, Valentine's bd card
slob, humor, baby meme
slob, humor, Valentine Bd


 Awwww, poor baby!

slob, humor, crying woman


slob, humor, strawberries

(Being from Plant City, Winter Strawberry Capitol of the World, I just had to squeeze berries in here somewhere!)

I know I went a little slap happy with the pix, but my baby’s bd only comes once a year!!


slob, humor, Valentine party
slob, humor, peacock
And a peacock. Just because DD1 loves them. And it’s purple for me!

I wish y’all much love, many hugs, and lots of pretty Valentine Birthday cake!

slob, humor, Valentine cake



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