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And now it’s more than 2 weeks past time to report on February!             Where does the time go??

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                              Time Flies!!         Bwahahaha!

February No Spend:      You can probably guess how this is gonna go, if you read January Juice.

Why don’t I just call this game??         And try again next year.

But why??      You may ask.         Well, because I might have accidentally…

bought my new husband a new truck, for my birthday.       

slob, humor, new truck
Our new truck!


Yeah, it went like this:   Vanronica had to have new buckles on her new shoes.       (Remember when she almost shook herself to death in December, and had to have all new tires??     Well, now she had to have brakes.        Such a high maintenance woman she is!!          What next??         After her face lift, I just really don’t wanna know!!)

So, as I was working with Robin, my personal shopper at Toyota, DH wandered off to look at trucks.  No harm there.          Yeah, right!!          In a little while, I texted him, “4 door please!”           I was just kidding.           He came in a few minutes later saying, “C’mon, got something to show ya.”    I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if he hadn’t just looked at a 4 door, right before I texted him!         Now he wanted to show me.          Of course it was gorgeous!!           All tricked out with everything, except leather seats.  (FYI, I hate leather seats.)          My first question, after admiring it, was “What year is it?”          Cuz I knew if it was a 2018 or 2019, that would be where we’d be living for the next 6 years!!        And since we had just rented a house that cost more than Absolutely, there’d be a slight problem.

slob, humor, Ford truck
Of course its a Ford F150.
Are there any other trucks??

Long story short, my credit was high enough to get the truck, with our combined incomes.        Sadly, that meant trading in Big Red, which the girls loved.       Me- not so much.         It drove like a square tired wheelbarrow, and sounded like it was gonna fly apart any second.         I do wish we could have kept the camo seats, though!!

So, since we now have a truck payment that is more than double what Big Red’s and Vanronica’s were together, we are tapped out of any further claim to No Spend.        But, I’m still gonna report on myself, to see how I do without the junk food, and other frivolous purchases.

February 2018 in 2018:   Much better!!

I am decluttering!!         Packing up to move made it much easier to say, “Hmmm, haven’t used this for awhile, it can probably go.”           And I haven’t missed a thing either!             Yeah for lighter, and less!

I think I have over 200, but since my chart is still packed up, somewhere, don’t hold me to it.      The girls already have at least 35 on their chart!          PP was so excited to mark off some boxes!!        Even though I really don’t think she knew why she was doing it!

DH got rid of 32 clothing items- future post.       That counts, because now we’re one.

And I got rid of a bag of fabric, and have another one to go.      Yay me!

I know, I need to find those charts!!

A 2018 in 2018 , and a No Spend post.     

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slob, humor, no spend
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  1. I’ve also accidentally bought cars in much the same way. ^_^ I have lousy depth perception so I cannot drive big trucks, but I’m okay with smaller trucks. True story, we went out to buy a smaller truck a few months back and they don’t make them anymore. Everything is huge! I wanted a smaller truck like they used to make in the ’80’s and ’90’s but yeah, no one makes ’em anymore. *sad face*

    Ah well.

    On another note, I still have to sign in to comment, and I can’t find a button to follow your blog anywhere. I’ve looked and looked.

    1. Willow, it’s my fault. I’ve been too lazy to call WP for help. 🙁
      I know! The Ford Rangers are all gone, everything! Maybe you could still find a good used one?
      I just don’t know how, and never have time to do it, seems like. I have 4 followers, so it can be done.

      1. We looked everywhere for a smaller truck when we went car shopping! We couldn’t find one anywhere that wasn’t a thousand years old or on its last legs. This here is BIG TRUCK country I guess.

        Nope, still have to sign in to comment. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I don’t get notifications when you reply to *my* comments so I had to backtrack on your blog to remember what I commented on!

  2. We all seem to be helping out the auto industry, lately. I had so many issues with Smidgen Smart, I had to trade her in for a Volkswagen Beetle I named, Blessing.
    Just paid the 2nd car pmt, today.

    1. Wow, Kristy!! That’s great! Well, I mean, Blessing is great! Not that Smidgen Smart tanked. Sorry about that one! Smidgen Smart is the cutest name! My Mom’s Lincoln Town Car was named Blessing too. 2nd payment, woo hoo! Only 9,000 more to go! lol
      We haven’t been able to come up with our truck’s name yet. But we will!
      I love Beetles. Well, the idea of Beetles, anyway. But they are surprisingly roomy inside!

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